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Counseling Educational Training Systems (CETS) was established on July 7, 1991.
Our mission

To provide innovative ways to enhance the learning process of our children. We offer positive alternatives for Childhood Educators.

Our vision 
To provide powerful and effective techniques in instruction that are designed to benefit those working with children. Assisting in their continued growth and development is our first priority .

We offer services that include, but are not limited to consultation, training, and intervention. The staff at CETS are degreed and certified professionals. Classes are held evenings and Saturdays. Classes are offered within your Community and/or your Facility.

All of Our Early Learning Care Classes are BFTS Approved

Supervision Made Easy   
(4 hours)                                                       Autism a Way of Life    (3 hours)

Be Safe Not Sorry: Disease Control    (4 hours)                                   Health and Nutrition    (4 hours)

Abuser Be Ware: Abuse and Neglect    (2 hours)                              Understanding Lesson Plans    (4 hours)

      40 Hour Director Training

Health and Safety Orientation (6 Hours)

Child Development Associate (CDA) (120 hours)

Look and See the Serenity: Discipline-A Positive Approach   
(4 hours)  

Schedule your raining Today:      

Office: 478-550-1675 Fax: 478-994-8216
P. O. Box 6003
Forsyth, Ga. 31029 

Anne M. Keast, MA-COTA/L
Sandra JH Jackson, MS-CCBT
BFTS Level II, CDA - Director Trainer

Help Us Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

To Schedule Classes or for More Information on PLU's for Teachers, CEU's for Licensed Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, POST credits for Police Officers, and CLE's for Legal Personnel:

Call: 478-550-1675 or 478-954-5474
 e-mail: cets079102@aol.com  

Our Children - Our Future
Striving for a brighter tomorrow. 






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